Bismuth Telluride

Bismuth telluride can be black powder or gray rod, which is a kind of semiconductor material. The another name is bismuth(III) telluride. It own good electrical conductivity, however thermal conductivity is bad, which is perfect thermoelectric materials.  Usual production methods are hot-press, zone-melting, HPVB, Czochralski.

Bismuth Telluride

CAS No.: 1304-82-1 EINECS No.: 215-135-2 Molecular Formula: Bi2Te3 Molecular Weight: 800.76
Melting Point: 585℃ Density: 7.642 UN 3284 6.1/PG 3 Purity:99.999%


Bismuth(III) telluride is for semiconductor, electronic refrigeration and electricity generation.