High Purity Metal Arsenic

High purity metal arsenic is bright silvery gray solid lump, piece or ingot, which is hard and brittle. It is a kind of minor metal. Arsenic metal is available in powder, wafer, sheet, granule and sputtering target. It has good property of heat conduction and electric conduction. Arsenic metal is easy to react with fluorine and oxygen. At heating condition, it could react with most metals or nonmetals.   Arsenic trioxide is the raw material.

High Purity Metal Arsenic

Purity: 99.999%, 99.9999%, 99.99999%

CAS No.:7440-38-2EINECS No.:231-148-6Molecular Formula:AsMolecular Weight:74.922
Density:5.73Melting Point:817℃Boiling Point:613℃UN1558 6.1/PG 2


Arsenic metal is mainly for copper alloys and lead alloys. Adding 2% As in lead, the lead alloy is used in producing bullet,  military poison and fireworks. Adding 0.15-0.5% As in copper, it would reduce heat conduction of electronic conduction of copper and increase machining plasticity of oxygen-bearing copper, which is used to produce screw rod and parts in high temperature reducing atomsphere. 

High pure arsenic metal is mainly for semiconductor material and  wafer, which is raw material for gallium arsenide and indium arsenide. Doping As in semiconductor  Si, it is N type semiconductor, which has increased concentration of free electron and electronic conduction. This material get wide uses in production of diode, luminous diode and laser. 

Adding As into Cu, it could resist dezincification. The copper product is for producing conduit wiring usually. Arsenic gets prospect in curing tumour too.