Selenium Granule

Selenium granule is black amorphous particle, which is a kind of nonmetal. After heating, it cool to glassy form. Its monoclinic crystal is red, however hexagonal crystal is grey. Selenium pellets are good physical decolorizer, which is used in glass industry usually. If glass contain iron ion, it would show light green, however selenium is solid with metal lustre and adding small quantity of selenium in glass, it would make glass show red, green and red complement each other, so it makes glass colorless. If adding superfluous selenium pellets, famous ruby glas form(selenium glass).Selenium and other metals could be used together to make glass show gray, bronze, pink and other colors. The black glasses in building and cars also contain Se, which could reduce light intensity and heat transfer rate.   It is insoluble in water, hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid, but soluble in nitric acid, carbon disulfide, benzene and quinoline. High purity selenium and selenium nano particles are both available. Selenium pellets are available too.

Selenium Granule

Purity:99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999%

CAS No.:7782-49-2EINECS No.:231-957-4Molecular Formula:SeMolecular Weight:78.96
Melting Point:220.2℃Boiling Point:685℃Density:4.82 


Pure selenium metal is mainly for selenium dioxide production, which is catalyst for electrolytic manganese smelting. Selenium element is also raw material for selenium sulfide.

High purity selenium shot is raw material for production of zinc selenide compounds, powder of xerography and other metal selenium compounds.  It is for epitaxial diffusion process of semiconductor productions.  It apply to selenium rectifier, phototube, photocell, radio communications copy and photograph.

Selenium nano powder is an kind of analytical reagent too. It can as dehydrogenating agent of aromatic compounds.

Selenium pellets are raw material for infrared glass. 

Selenium granules could improve processability of steel. Adding 0.3-0.5% Se in casting iron, stainless steel, copper alloy, it would enhance their mechanical property and make structure more dense, high speed cuting, more clear surface of parts. Selenium alloys with other metals are often used in production of low-voltage rectifier, photocell, thermoelectric material. 

In production of rubber, Selenium granulars is used as sulfurizing reagent to enhance abrasive resistance of rubber. It is a common catalyst, vulcanizing agent and antioxidant. Selenium powder is catalyst for production sulfur element by sulfite reaction.