Yttrium Fluoride

Yttrium fluoride is colorless cubic crystalline powder, which is made from yttrium oxide. Yttrium fluoride stay stable under room temperature and pressure. It is insoluble in water and difficult to dissolve hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. However it is soluble in perchloric acid. In air yttrium fluoride absorb moisture but stable. It compound with ammonium fluoride to get insoluble double salt NH4F.YF3.

Yttrium Fluoride Crystalline Powder – Optical Coating Material

Alias: yttrium(III) fluoride, yttrium trifluoride, yttrium fluoride anhydrous powder 99.99% 99.9% (metal basis)

CAS No.: 13709-49-4 EINECS No.: 237-257-5 Melting Point:1152℃
Molecular Formula:YF3 Molecular Formula: 145.90 Boiling Point:2230℃
Density: 4.01g/mL

Category: Inorganics Fluorides; Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry; Chemical Synthesis; Crystal Grade Inorganics; Yttrium Salts; Yttrium Metal and Ceramic Science; Metal Halide


Main content: 99.99%

La2O3 CeO2 Pr6O11 Nd2O3 Sm2O3 Eu2O3 Gd2O3 Tb4O7
0.00047% 0.00059% 0.00078% 0.00041% 0.00039% 0.00051% 0.00064% 0.00039%
Dy2O3 Ho2O3 Er2O3 Tm2O3 Yb2O3 Lu2O3 Y2O3 Fe2O3
0.00057% 0.00061% 0.00070% 0.00080% 0.0091% 0.0049% base 0.0091%
SiO2 CaO NiO CuO CoO
0.0049% 0.017% 0.0067% 0.00091% 0.00051%


Yttrium(III) fluoride used in production of rare earth crystal laser material, up converting lighting material, fluoride optical conductive fiber and fluoride glaring glass. yttrium(III) fluoride also used in carbon arc lamp. It is raw material for electrolysis of metal yttrium.