Bismuth Sulfide

Bismuth sulfide is dark to brown crystal,which is insoluble in water, however it is soluble in nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Bismuth Sulfide Powder / Bismuth(III) Sulfide

Alias: dibismuth sulfur(-2) dihydride anion, photoresistor  bismuth sulfide (light-dependent resistor, bismuthous sulfide, dibismuth trisulphide, bismuth sesquisulfide, bismuth iii sulfide

CAS No.: 1345-07-9 EINECS No.: 215-716-0
Molecular Formula: Bi2S3 Molecular Weight: 514.16
Melting Point: 685℃ Density: 7.6-7.8g/cm3

Category: Chalcogenides; Materials Science; Metal and Ceramic Science; Metal Chalcogenides



Average Particle Size: 3-10 micron


Bismuth trisulfide get property of environmentally friendly, photoconduction and nonlinear optical effect. It get  wide application in solar battery and phototube array and spectroscop, which is for spectroscopy. Bismuth trisulfide could be used in other bismuth compound, additive for easy-cutting iron and microelectronics.


25kg/drum or according to customers’ request and under shady and dry with good air condition. Container is tight.