Indium Acetate

Indium acetate is white needlelike crystal ( dendritic crystals) ,which exhibits an acetic smell.Its solutions is available. Indium hydroxide is essential raw material. Indium(III) acetate is soluble in mineral acide, acetic acid. Indium(III) hydroxide act as raw material.

What are properties of indium acetate

Alias: indium (III) acetate, indium triacetate, acetate indium salt (1:1), aceticacid indium(3++) salt

Molecular Formula: In(C2H3O2)3, C6H9InO6 Molecular Weight: 291.95
CAS No.:25114-58-3 Melting Point: 280℃

Category: IndiumMirco / Nanoelectronics; Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry; Chemical Synthesis: Solution Deposition Precursor; Metal Acetate Salt; Minor Metals; Indium Salts


Purity:99.9%, 99.99%

In Fe Pb Sn Cu Zn Cd Tl As Al
35.5 0.0019 0.0011 <0.0005 <0.0005 <0.0005 <0.0005 <0.0005 <0.0005 <0.0005

Applications – What is indium acetate used for

Indium(III) acetate could be compound with pyridine, quadrol, tetramethylammonium hydroxide and so on, which get adduct. It is also a kind of chemical reagents, which is for  spectral analysis and synthesis. Indium(III) acetate is raw material for production of indium electroplating solutions for thin layer deposition.

Packages – How to handle indium acetate

Indium(III) acetate should store with sealed container. Indium(III) acetate should stock in shadow and dry.

If storage according to note, Indium(III) acetate would’t resolve. If decompose, it could be recrystallized using acetic acid solutions.

Please refer to indium(III) acetate MSDS when handling.