Cerium Powder

Cerium powder is made from cerium metal ingot, which is gray fine particles. Its property is very active and get dark in air easily. When heating, it would fire. So the difficulty of proessing into powder is very high. Its storage should be avoid air, heat, oxidizing agent, strong acid and halogen. The storage tempearture should be less than 30℃ and well sealed. Cerium metal could react with non-metallic elements, such as carbon, silicon, sulfur , iodine to form cerium carbide ( CeC2 ), cerium silicide (CeSi2) , cerium sulfide (Ce2S3) , cerium iodide ( CeI3) separately.

Cerium Powder

CAS No.:7440-45-1Molecular Formula:CeMolecular Weight:140.116
EINECS No.:231-154-9Melting Point:795℃Boiling Point:3468℃


Cerium powder mainly apply to reducing agent. It is also raw material for making cerium salts and apply to medicine, tan, glass and spinning. It is environmental friendly material and typical application is cleaning catalyst for automobile exhaust.

Ce metal is raw material in production of flintstone, ceramics and alloys. It is additive for alloys. Cerium alloys resist high temperature and can apply to make parts of jet propeller.