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Lanthanum Powder

Lanthanum powder is made from lanthanum metal, which is soft. Although lanthanum metal is silver, the powder is gray. It gets dark in dry air, which is corroded in moisture air. It is soluble in dillute acid and react with water and release hydrogen. Lanthanum metal gets chemical reactions with water, carbon (LaC2), nitrogen (LaN), hydrogen (LaH3), boron (LaB6) , selenium, tellurium (La2Te3) , silicon (LaSi2), phosphorus, sulfur (La2S3) and halogen (LaI3). When contacting with heat, fire and oxides, it would fire, so lanthanum rod or lanthanum ingot is sealed in paraffin or kerosene usually. The powder is vacuum package. Nickel-lanthanum NiLa5 alloy, lead-silver-lanthanum alloy, copper-chromium-lanthanum alloy, silver-bismuth-lanthanum alloy, molybdenum-lanthanum alloy, cerium-lanthanum alloy and tungsten-lanthanum alloy are available.

Lanthanum Powder

CAS No.:7439-91-0Molecular Formula:LaMolecular Weight:138.91
EINECS No.:231-099-0Melting Point:920℃Boiling Point:3464℃


Lanthanum metal is hydrogen storage material, which also act as reducing agent in processing other rare earth metals. It is additive for steel and non ferrous metal. It also plays a role in expensive camera lens, fire maker, battery electrode and catalytic converter.