Yttrium Fluoride

Yttrium fluoride is white powder of cubic crystal system, which is rare earth metal fluoride and can process into film. It is insoluble in water and hard to dissolve in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid, but soluble in perchloric acid. Although shows hygroscopicity in air, it is relatively stable. It reacts with ammonium fluoride to form insoluble compound NH4F.YF3. Yttrium oxide or yttrium nitrate is the raw material.

Yttrium Fluoride

Purity: Y/RE 99.99% 4N

CAS No.:13709-49-4 EINECS No.:237-257-5 Molecular Formula:YF3 Molecular Weight:145.90
Density:4.01 Melting Point:1152℃ Boiling Point:2230℃ UN 3288

Spherical Large Particle Yttrium Trifluoride Specifications

Morphology: sphere


Particle size:20μm≤d50≤30μm, 30μm≤d50≤40μm, 40μm≤d50≤50μm


Yttrium trifluoride applies to make rare earth crystal laser material, up-conversion luminescent material, fluoride glass fibre optics and fluoride faraday rotator glass. In lighting source, YF3 applies to make carbon electrode of electric arc lighting. Yttrium(III) fluoride is raw material for yttrium metal by electrolytic process. YF3 is also an evaporation coating material, which can deposite film on glass, sapphire, Si(100) and Ge(111) substrate.  Spherical Yttrium trifluoride with large particles get wide uses in microelectronic etching machine or other plasme etching. It is a kind of thermal spraying material. Spherical YF3 large particles apply to solid electrolyte coating of high fuel cell, electrode coating of high-temperature fuel cells, electrolyte coating of oxygen sensor and electrode coating of oxygen sensor.