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Hafnium Carbide

Hafnium carbide is gray solid, which is available in powder and sputtering target. It has highest melting point among single compounds. Hafnium(IV) oxide is the raw material.

Hafnium Carbide

CAS No.:12069-85-1 EC No.:235-114-1 Molecular Formula: HfC Molecular Weight:190.50
Density:12.7 Melting Point:3890℃ Mass Resistivity:1.95*10-4 Thermal Expansivity:6.73*10-6


Hafnium(IV) carbide can form solid solution with many compounds as ZrC, TaC and so on. For example HfC-4TaC complex carbide that is diphase from microscopic structure. One phase is HfC-TaC eutectic. The other phase is needle-like free graphite phase of shape ratio 50:1. This near eutectic HfC products own good thermostability and high melting point, which can use in laryngeal material of rocket nozzle.