Cadmium Zinc Telluride

Cadmium zinc telluride is typical soft brittle material and the Moh’s harndess is about 2.3. CZT is its abbreviation. CdZnTe is available in pieces, lumps, ingots, rods, wafer, crystal substrate and powders. It is cubic system and sphalerite structure, which is similiar to diamond and monocrystalline silicon. Because tellurium own much stronger electronegativity, the bonding electron more concentrate around tellurium atomic. Its lattice constant can perfectly match with HgCdTe and chemical property is very close to HgCdTe  too, which is best substrate for rheotaxial HgCdTe film. The main production method of CdZnTe crystals are grinding by free abrasive, chemical polishing and chemical-mechanical polishing.

Cadmium Zinc Telluride

Molecular Formula: Cd1-yZnyTe

Lattice Constant: vary to Zn content


There are two applications for CdZnTe now,  one is substrate material and the other is detector material. CdZnTe high energy gamma ray detectors can be widely used in space physics, radioactive material detection, X-ray fluorometric analysis and nuclear medical instrument.