Indium Oxide

Indium oxide is yellow or blue solid powder, which is a kind of new-brand n-type transparent functional semiconductor material.When heating, it would turn to red brown. Indium metal is raw material for indium iii oxide. When in hydrogen or other reducing agent,indium oxide is reduced to metal indium or indium oxide of low valence. It decompose to low oxides at high temperature.

Indium Oxide Powder

Synonyms: indium trioxide, Indium (III) oxide , In2O3 , india, diindium trioxide, indium sesquioxide, indium(+3) cation oxygen(-2) anion, oxo-oxoindiganyloxy-indigane

CAS No.: 1312-43-2 EINECS No.: 215-193-9 Specifc Gravity:7.18g/cm3
Molecular Formula: In2O3 Molecular Weight: 277.64 Melting Point:2000℃

Solubility: indium(III) oxide is insoluble in water, soluble in hot organic acid

Category: Inorganics; 49:In; Indium Materials Science; Nano Materials; Nano Particles; Oxide, Nitrides, and Other Ceramics Nano Materials; Nano Powders and Nano Particle Dispersion; Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry; Chemical Synthesis; Indium; Indium Metal and Ceramic Science; Oxides; Metal Oxide


In2O3: 99.99%min

Particle size:  -100mesh

Impurities % max

SO4 Cu Pb Cd Ti Sn Al Cl N Fe Ag As Zn Mn Bi
0.002 0.0002 0.0004 0.0007 0.0003 0.0006 0.0002 0.001 0.003 0.0015 0.00005 0.001 0.001 0.0001 0.0001


Indium (III) oxide is used as raw material in resistive touch screen mostly, also used for phosphor screen, glass, ceramic, chemical reagent and so on.It is used in LED, especially indium tin oxide ( ITO coating) more and more wide, which is used in production of transparent electrode and transparent heat-reflecting material.Indium oxide is used as reagent of spectrum pure and raw material for electronic components, which is also used in protective coating for metal reflection mirror, semiconductor film of electro-optic display, production of indium salts and glass.


Package: 1kg/bottle, customizable