Scandium Fluoride

Scandium fluoride is white powder or 3-12mm porous particle of cubic crystal system, which is rare earth metal fluoride. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. Its solubility in water is tiny, but soluble in alkali carbonate and sal volatile. It decomposes completely when melting with alkali. Scandium chloride, scandium nitrate, scandium metal, scandium hydroxide or scandium oxide is the raw material. Its synthetic method is same as lanthanum fluoride. ScF3 show extraordinary negative thermal expansion property that mean it shrink when heating.

Scandium Fluoride

Purity: Sc/RE 99.99% 4N

CAS No.:13709-47-2EINECS No.:237-255-4Molecular Formula:ScF3Molecular Weight:101.95
Melting Point:1515℃Boiling Point:1607℃Density:3.84UN 3288 6.1/PG 3


Scandium(III) fluoride is raw material for production of scandium metal and additive for improving alloy performance. ScF3 could improve electrochemical performance high nickel ternary anode material. It could be raw material for production of scandium aluminum alloys.