Indium Tin Alloy

Indium tin alloy get different content ratio, so the melting point is different accordingly. It can process into foil, sheet, string and wire. The smallest thickness of foil is 0.1mm. The smallest diameter of wire is 1.0mm.

Indium can alloy with different metals as gallium, copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, silver, cadmium, thallium, antimony, arsenic, iron, palladium and so on.  Galinstan is customizable too, which is gallium-indium-tin alloy and available in liquid and ingot. GaInSn gets different ratio as Ga68%In22%Sn10%, Ga62%In22%In16%, Ga66%In20.5%In13.5% and so on. They are eutectic  alloys and with low melting point.

Indium Tin Alloy

    InSn48 InSn50 InSn52 InSn62 InSn80 InSn95
Melting Point Solidus curve 118℃ 117℃ 117℃ 153℃ 189℃ 218℃
Liquidus curve 125℃ 131℃ 166℃ 199℃ 222℃


It applies to special welding material in electron industry, semiconductor industry  and special encapsulating material in military products.